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Bravo: My… I’m going to collect a sample, hang on. During this time, no personnel are permitted to leave the Eremita without authorization from mission command. Eremita begins to flash external floodlights. I looked at the Ganesh statue and the picture of my family again. SCP-3000 is a Class VIII cognitohazardous entity; direct observation of SCP-3000 may cause severe mental alterations in viewers. It's no secret that what we're doing here is abhorrent. Bravo? Beyond me is only blackness, and a single pair of dark eyes-, Command: Dive team, we’re going to pull you back in immediately, we have reason to believe that—, Alpha: Barry? I come to bury Venkat, not to praise him.

Despite this, it moves extremely quickly to kill its prey.

It’s so dark. SCP-1790 •

I didn't know any better. I do not think that the eel is Anantashesha.

But I know now that it is Venkat I see her through, not me. Shanti was Venkat's first wife. Under no circumstances are civilians allowed to attempt deep sea exploration or diving efforts in the quarantined area. SCP-3000 is a Thaumiel-class SCP entity that is considered highly dangerous and causes permanently lasting effects memtically, specifically to the brain, altering memories and dreams.
A muffled click sound is heard, and the Stravinsky activates its aft floodlights. Command: We're almost there, Alpha - dive team, be advised, we’re picking up movement from the entity on radar. Krishnamoorthy: How long have we been down here?

I can hear her voice, but I can't remember her face.

I feel nauseous. 0 Comments. Just the ravings of a man gone mad by the depths, I figured. Foxtrot: Hey Alpha, I uh— maybe this is a bad time to ask, but I can’t remember how to turn on my lamp, and-.

As we continued to descend, Williams began sweating profusely. The subject creates Y-909 only after eating, and it only ever eats humans. For testing purposes&2C SCP-3000&27s chamber&27s entrance is to be protected with an exposure foyer which allows researchers to bring testing items in proximity to SCP-3000 via a remote chamber without exposure to SCP-3000 emissions.

Bravo? Barry[3], are you still there?

But this question stuck with me. I’m dying, I know I’m dying, this is it. I see it hanging there in the darkness, illuminated by a light I cannot source.

He had pulped himself against the glass, and despite the trauma, he still spoke briefly as he lay dying.

Bravo: Cut the fucking goddamn tether Alpha, it’s pulling us in! During this period, the typical effects of SCP-3000 are less severe, though Command should continue to monitor these teams for damage to their cognition. Flood the chamber. Something rising out of the… out of the smoke of my smoldering consciousness. <02:27:14> Secondary alarm is triggered by airlock breach.

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All members of the dive team exit the airlock. SCP-1471-A • Tether attached to Stravinsky is pulled free from its moorings and disappears. The mental deterioration would rapidly increase until there was nothing left, and then they would die. Subject is motionless.

I feel nauseous.

I still have that. I have struggled to build my name and my reputation and done everything I can do to leave… something, anything. More. Alpha: Hang on, what are you talking about? I just want to get away from here. SCP-2521 • O-9 Foxtrot’s radio goes silent. Some sections may have been redacted to remove material above this classification. Bravo: My… I’m going to collect a sample, hang on.

Krishnamoorthy: Don't patronize me.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Launch point was through the airlock of the Foundation submarine SCPF Stravinsky. SCP-1337 •

Whether this was due to our uncertainty at what we would discover, or something more sinister, I would not speculate. But I remember it well enough. Bravo: Command, I don’t see anything, where are we? The Wanderers Library is the Foundation's sister site and features the endless stories contained within the Library, home to the Serpents Hand and readers of all shapes and sizes. Bravo: It ate him, fuck, he’s gone, it took him whole, he— goddammit, Alpha, what are you doing? It's definitely not blood, it's more akin to a prion slurry. Command: Alpha?

SCP-4666, SCP-001 Proposals Goals SCP-001 (The Broken God) • I have never been married, and I have no children.
I know your name, know that you're a psychologist, but are we friends? Not… you have to be trained to not feel the things I’m feeling, otherwise it will get into you. Source Link: Wikimedia. SCP 3000 is carnivorous, and can move extremely quickly when it preys.

Foxtrot: I don’t understand what you mean by “designation”.

I’m dying, I know I’m dying, this is it.

Alpha: Alright, tethers are tight.

This protocol dictates certain interactions with a CLASS VIII COGNITOHAZARDOUS ENTITY, SCP-3000, and as such is LEVEL 5/3000 CLASSIFIED. Explore the EKIA store, build a base out of furniture, eat some meatballs and try to survive the attacks of the mutated staff.

Additionally, individuals administered an amnestic regimen utilizing Y-909 show a marked increase in suggestibility, memory clearance, and a significant decrease in additional side-effects (such as nausea, vomiting, bowel distress, blurred vision, headaches, insomnia, heart damage, and others).

Draga Negrescu •

SCP-3340 • My heart is really going off the charts, and I think I’m dying. If it weren’t for the head movement that was observed by the first submersible team, we probably wouldn’t know if it was alive or not. Some sections may have been redacted to remove material above this classification. Unknown (possibly unknowable). Who said that? She said that, when the light of the universe had gone out, all that would be left is Anantashesha. I can see shapes moving through the fog, but they’re hard to make out.

Maybe change it to: “Is” SCP 3000 is my worst scp fear, thalossphobia… Eek. It was a pretty unremarkable trip to some tourist trap in Lucknow, but this really is one of our best-looking pictures. Adherence to this protocol is required for all personnel assigned to Site-151, as well as all personnel assigned to the SCPF Eremita. I've been getting these out of context feelings, like my body reacting to reflexes it didn't know it had.

Earlier this week, as I was preparing my notes for another report, I accidentally knocked the picture of myself, my wife, and my daughter off of my nightstand. He even wrote the instructions down, but I was so angry at him that I tore them up in front of him.

It’s not doing anything, it’s… it isn’t moving. (Pauses) That fluid is seeping through the skin around its head, about a meter back.

Herein lies the ethical dilemma.

Afraid of dying. I'm just trying to help. Krishnamoorthy: No, let me finish.

One individual D-Class subject is to be administered a sedative, and equipped with a high-pressure diving suit. Mannava: We don't have to, if you don't want to. Are we brothers?

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Mannava: When did you start feeling this way? No other sound is heard for several minutes. There is the sound of a struggle through the other two radios. I shoveled dirt-, Bravo: Mulhaney… swim, get away, there’s only darkness, swim—. Gaze upon the darkness past the end of time. Command: The size of this thing is hard to comprehend, and it’s wrapped up in itself in several places. SCPF Eremita diving towards contact site. It's full of dead human bodies. Command: Foxtrot?

Despite having a CRV of 26, and having not displayed any previous signs of depression or suicidal attempt prior to his assignment aboard the Eremita, Krishnamoorthy was interviewed by staff clinical psychologist Dr. Anand Mannava to acquire a better understanding of SCP-3000's potential effect on his psyche. SCP-3000 is a monster appearing in the SCP mythos, which is implied to be one of the Old Gods. It’s right there!

Individuals within a certain range of the subject experience headaches, paranoia, memory alterations and panic. For everything else, only time will tell. Collection of Y-909 must take place during SCP-3000's "digestive" period, which is currently believed to be roughly two and a half hours after consumption of prey. SCP-3008-2, Keter SCPs SCP-682, Personages SCP-307 • It moves slightly with the currents down here, but nothing more than that. SCP-3000The EelAnantashesha But when I looked into its eyes and saw what it showed me, I was afraid. SCP-058 •

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