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Those that can be saved by more masking are 44.0% of that, almost half. After spending millions of dollars to promote the oxymoron that is “Clean Coal”, the coal industry couldn’t shield its investment from a massive coal-ash spill at a power plant in Tennessee just before Christmas. Progress already increased monthly rates an average of $25 per month this past January, with another proposed increase for the upcoming year. Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to visit the community and hear their concerns. 2540 Shumard Oak Blvd Present US masking is only at 65%. The future deaths are 81% of current deaths. The IHME projections are that US deaths for February 1 with the current masking is 399,163. The loss for a family of four will be $200,000, or per capita, $64,000. It is shocking to wake up with the smell of smoke, and then to go outside and discover that the sunrise is blurred by smoke and the air is full of smoke. Public opposition is mounting against increasing rates and forced consumer investment into projects that are financially risky and literally create tons of radioactive waste. They also project 400,000 Excess Deaths over past year averages by the end of the year. Current Estimated Infections per day are 4,095, with Confirmed ones about 1,400, giving a ratio of 2.9. Worldwide, this September was the warmest ever, due to climate change. This is 43% of the 186. With Trump, one can Never ignore his role in this. It will take a long string of pumps to drain the environmental flood left by Trump. The meeting will focus on the environmental impacts that could occur if Progress is allowed to build the first nuclear power plant in Florida in over 30 years. Help Stop Progress Energy from Building New Nuclear Reactors in Florida. Deaths per day are projected to 126, which can be reduced to 55 with 95% masking, saving 71 a day. And nuclear power is not carbon-free: its carbon footprint is about six times that of wind, 2-3 times greater than solar, and many times greater than energy efficiency. On Jan. 9, a leak at a second TVA waste pond at the ironically named Widows Creek Power Plant in Alabama spilled some 10,000 gallons of gypsum slurry, that same day a coal train operated by National Coal Corporation overturned, dumping 1,100 tons of coal along the New River in Scott County, Tenn. February 24, 2009 at 11:46 pm February 1 projected deaths are 9,176, which can be reduced to 6,768 by 95% masking, saving 2,408 lives. It only creates more problems in the form of dangerous, highly radioactive waste. On January 20, there are projected to be 2,192 daily deaths, which can be reduced to 1,253 or 57% with 95% masking. o Numerous flaws in Progress’ application to the NRC on the impacts of the proposed reactors on wetlands, the underground Floridian aquifer system and the Withlacoochee and Waccasassa Rivers; Florida is Power Shifting Away from Nukes and Drilling! Now the final decision is about to be made! Hence, no regulations, even though they are badly needed. With severe droughts persisting throughout parts of Florida and the region, we cannot afford to continue ignoring the impact energy choices have on our precious water supply. Root for your city teams. On the heals of shutting down our nations capitol coal plant and 12,000 young people attending Powershift last week, Sandersville GA residents and friends of Washington County came together to voice strong opposition to the proposed Plant Washington power plant. Some of us just prefer a wisened, experienced administrator, beholden to the law. Daily deaths on February 1 are projected to be 156, but they can be reduced to 63 with 95% masking, or only 40%. August 7, 2009 at 8:16 pm Hurricane Zeta has rapidly increased to a category 2 storm, with maximum sustained winds of 110 mph, even this late in the season. It was an action packed day and a half of workshops and strategizing sessions interspersed with great energy and fun! 1 comment. So 23% can be saved by 95% masking. The 52,000 Savable by more masking is 37.6% of the projected future deaths. A second fire, the Blue Ridge fire, has started up northward of Irvine. Irvine, a city of 280,000 has 10. November 4, 2009 at 6:52 pm We have now reached 9 million confirmed cases in the US. What Progress and FP&L don’t want you to know is the estimated $41 billion price tag for these four reactors. The point I reiterated at each of the meetings is this: offering up $54 billion in taxpayer-financed conditional loan guarantees as proposed by President Obama for risky, expensive new nuclear reactors is not a fiscally conservative maneuver and is not going to create jobs for Georgians. Deaths yesterday in IHME were 227,761, leaving 171,402 to go. Still, bad air from 150 to 200 has recurred. Estimated infections per day are currently 16,034. Kurt Vonnegut said to “join a gang”, as the cure to modern cultural separateness in a city of total strangers. This past weekend at University of Florida, over 70 young people from 9 universities across the state joined forces with Southern Energy Network at the Florida Youth Energy Sustainability (YES) Summit. Current estimated daily infections are 4,006 per day, while current confirmed cases are around 2,000 per day, giving a ratio of 2.0. NO Nukes! Projected deaths per day are 199, which can be lowered to 79 with 95% masking, saving 120 per day, or 60%. Telephone: (850) 488-3022. IHME Projections for February 1 for California, Texas, Florida and Swing States. Oil is complicated and international, and I only know a small amount about it which I read in newspapers. McLean had been at NOAA for 32 years. On January 20, there are projected to be 359,494 deaths, which could be reduced to 207,494 with 95% masking, saving 52,000 lives from now. Ohio is currently 67% masking. After a day, the Santa Ana winds let up, the smoke spreads out around Orange County, and even into Los Angeles, and I return to my more comfortable home, but still to bad air. I wrote them an email about this. Roughly, the US uses 20 million barrels a day, and produces about the same. Citizen Services Hotline: (850) 488-4441 
 Future deaths are 77% of current deaths. This is questionable, to say the least. The Excess Deaths are those in excess of those of the last few years, which count the full casualties of the disruptions of the barely contained US Coronavirus pandemic. Here is where you can find your, Contact the Florida Public Service Commission, Working to Stop New Nukes: DC Days with the Alliance for Nuclear Accountability, They talked about high cancer rates, contaminated water, and rampant poverty, Georgians Raise Concerns Over New Nuclear Reactors – Taking the Message Direct to Obama, Tell Congress: “We want renewable solutions, not nuclear problems!”, Florida Public Service Commission Serves the Public, SEN and Bonnie Raitt Rock Out Against Nukes. Southern Company has been a Proud Partner of the TOUR Championship since 2015, and we’re excited to celebrate the 20th year playing the event at East Lake Golf Club in Atlanta, GA. We were 6,000 strong in DC back in 2007. This is still an Energy and Environment blog, although I have been distracted in trying to understand and save lives in the more immediate and hopefully shorter term pandemic threat. Florida youth have had enough and are calling for Action by organizing attendance at important hearings in the next 2 weeks. So savable lives are 34% of future losses. Current deaths are 5,308, meaning 5,363 are still to come. The United States as a whole needs bold action to protect our climate and secure our energy. Southern California, and even more so, Northern California, has been in a drought for years. Current Estimated Infections per day are 4,184, with daily Confirmed cases about 2,500, giving a ratio of 1.7. With 95% masking, they will be reduced to 1,326 per day, saving 902 lives per day, or 40%. Also, his wake of 200 federal judgeships come mainly from the Federalist Society, funded by oilman Charles Koch. A quick call to the UC Irvine campus police tells me the fire is in eastward Silverado, and to turn on KTLA channel 5 to see the fire coverage. We met with the offices of Rep. John Barrow, Senator Johnny Isakson, and Rep. Sanford Bishop to specifically address Southern Company’s two new proposed reactors at Plant Vogtle in Waynesboro, Georgia.

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