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In the Church of St. Francis of Assisi, while the Bishop of Ostia was preaching , a large stone, carelessly left on the marble pulpit, fell on the head of a woman. The monk did not disappoint them, the boy, in fact, got up as if nothing had happened, through the joy and amazement of those present. Great was the astonishment of those present when, after the sermon, saw her getting up intact. Francis appeared to him in the company of another friar. Francis was not insensible to the pleas of the man, by the grace of Jesus, healed him. Francis of Assisi died on October 3, 1226, at the age of 44, in Assisi, Italy. who, being near to death from the extremity of her sickness, was restored to perfect health when her parents devoutly invoked the blessed Francis. The eye was instantly healed perfectly, so that, not even the sign of the injury could be seen. On the following night St. Francis appeared to him, in company with eleven friars, bearing a lamb in his bosom; and standing by the bed, he called him by his name: “Bartholomew,” he said, “fear not, for the enemy can do nothing against thee. Returning to the place with a great multitude, they let down a rope into the well, and saw the young man sitting upon the water, having suffered no injury therefrom. The friar, fearing that there would not be time, because his death was so near at hand, said to him, in the words of St. Augustine: “Believe, and thou hast eaten.”. The parents and friends, according to custom, gathered together weeping, and discoursed concerning his burial; but his father, having faith in the Lord, hastened to the Church of St. Francis, which was near to the place, and placing a cord round his neck, humbly prostrated himself upon the ground, and with many prayers, tears, and sighs, besought St. Francis to be his advocate with Christ. Vedic & Hindu Scriptures All who were present, supposing that her head was broken, and that she was already dead, covered her with a mantle which she had about her, that she might be carried forth to burial at the end of the sermon. A certain young man of Borgo-a-Celano went into the meadows to mow the grass: In those meadows was an ancient well, covered with grass, which had so concealed its mouth that it was hidden from all passers-by, the depth of it being about four paces. and passing heedlessly along the edge of the canal, where the water was very deep, he suddenly and unexpectedly fell into it, and got entangled in the wheel which turned the mill; and thus, being fastened to the wood, he was turned round and round, the water falling with great impetuosity upon his face, so that he had not breath to cry, but he invoked St. Francis in his heart. The others, who were seeking him hither and thither, and could nowhere find him, began to lament over him with cries and tears. 5. The men of the city of Lantino had cut a great stone from a mountain, which was to be placed under the altar in the Church of St. Francis, then about to be consecrated; about forty men were employed to place the said stone upon a cart, and having several times endeavoured to do so with all their strength, the stone fell upon one of them, who was buried beneath it. ... St. Francis of Assisi, New York; Doubleday & CO. 1924. And the truth of his words was confirmed by what came to pass. Whither went the Saint?”. Posts about St. Francis of Assisi written by revwise. They complied. In Ragusa, while a young man was working, it was harvest time, a pile of wood, placed nearby,fell on his head and killed him. No sooner had the father returned home, than his weeping was turned to joy, for he found his son restored to perfect health. The people present, after seeing the woman's crushed head, covered her with a cap, thinking she was dead . Feeling that his head was broken, and that he was nigh unto death, he, being a devout and pious man, besought one of the friars to bring him the most Holy Sacrament. The woman told them that she had entrusted to St. Francis and to be certain that a miracle would occur thanks to the intercession of this glorious saint. In the Church of St. Francis of Assisi, while the Bishop of Ostia was preaching , a large stone, carelessly left on the marble pulpit, fell on the head of a woman. The noise of the fall awakened the whole family, and at the news of the warder’s accident, the lord of the castle, with his lady, and the friars, came in haste to the spot; but he who had fallen from so great a height was in so deep a sleep that he was not awakened, either by the noise of the wood which continued to fall or by the loud cries of the family, who came together to the spot. But she had faithfully commended herself to the blessed Francis, at the foot of whose altar she lay. And then, laying his hand upon the wounds, he commanded him to return on the morrow to the work he had begun. Today, Francis has a lasting resonance with millions of followers across the globe. People wondered and exulted with joy. Anabaptist Christianity The mowers coming together from different parts, one of them accidentally fell into this well. All who were present ran to the spot, invoking the power of the blessed right hand of St. Francis. MIRACLES NEVER CEASE! Francis renounced worldly goods and family ties to embrace a life of poverty. Bonaventure de Bagnoregio (circa 1217−74), the great Franciscan theologian also known as “the Seraphic Doctor,” began writing, With the support of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, The Life and Miracles of Saint Francis of Assisi, Bonaventure, Saint, Cardinal, approximately 1217-1274, History of Christianity & Christian church, Arabic and Islamic Science and Its Influence on the Western Scientific Tradition,, He appealed to the poor man of Assisi to get help and was not disappointed. With faithful devotion, and having rejected the poison in the presence of many witnesses, he returned thanks to his deliverer. At Capua, a boy drowned in the Volturno, a man, who was witness, drew the boy to the shore, now dead. 3. The mother, trusting in God and in the merits of St. Francis, began to pray.At one O'clock in the morning the young girl awoke perfectly healthy. The next day she was conducted to the Church of the Friars to attend the Holy Mass, during the act of elevation of the Body of Christ, she suddenly regained her sight. But the father, whose limbs had become cold and rigid with grief, being unable to move, offered his son with loud cries and prayers to St. Francis. Hinduism The son of a nobleman at Geminiano was suffering under a grievous and hopeless malady, which had reduced him to extreme misery. But when they showed him from how great a height he had fallen to the ground, seeing that he was at the bottom of the tower, at the top of which he had laid down. Buddhism A similar miracle was wrought by the Lord, through the merits of the Saint, on a maiden in a town called Thamarit, not far from Ancona, in Catalonia. A woman especially devoted to Saint Francis died in the city of Montemarano. In Vincalvi lived a cleric named Matthew. The poor man, so horribly mutilated, was carried to the altar of St. Francis where, crying for his innocence, pleaded for help of the Holy. The corona-virus pandemic has made it impossible for me to make the contacts to continue reporting extraordinary happenings to ordinary people. St. Francis, aid me!” and these cries were heard by many who were at too great a distance to be able to help him. One day their little one suddenly died. 6. But having humbly raised his heart to Christ, he besought Him, by the merits of the blessed Francis, to deliver him from the jaws of death. A priest came to hear his confession, but he could not utter a single word. One day Matthew, inadvertently, ingested a powerful poison that acted immediately, stiffening his limbs and blocking his words. He fully recovered his health. 4. Suddenly he could speak the name of the Holy and vomit the poison ingested. 7. Shortly after, the daughter woke up to the wonder of those present and stood up as if nothing had happened. At last, being awakened by those who pushed and pulled him, he began to lament and complain that he had been awakened from a sweet and quiet sleep, declaring that he had been sleeping most sweetly in the arms of the blessed Francis. A similar thing happened near San Severino, in the marches of Ancona.

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