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Kwan has an older brother, Ka Keung. [3] Clad in a cheongsam—"a Chinese dress with a high collar and slits, one on each side of the skirt"[10]—Kwan was on the October 1960 cover of Life, cementing her status as an eminent sex symbol in the 1960s. But at the same time, Kwan was acting in major pictures opposite big stars. In 1964's Honeymoon Hotel, she shared top billing with Robert Goulet, and in Fate Is The Hunter she played opposite Glenn Ford. [3], In her performing arts career, Kwan appeared in two television series and over 50 films. Kwan's future looked bright -- as long as Hollywood continued to deem relatively-progressive films like Suzie Wong and Flower Drum Song worthy of producing. After he met Marquita Scott in London, the two married and moved to Hong Kong. Nancy Kwan was nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Motion Picture Drama but lost to Greer Garson in Sunrise at Campobello. The film's three-building primary set cost $310,000, spanning 51,000 square feet. Scholar Jennifer Leah Chan of New York University chronicled the media attention Kwan received after starring in two Hollywood films, writing that Kwan's fame peaked in 1962. Another auditionee, French actress France Nuyen, played the stage version of the role and had been called a "businessman's delight" by a number of reviewers. Her tardy request was not evaluated, as the infantry had already accepted the application of another Chinese woman. Kwan later recalled in an interview about three years later, "So I went to the manager and told him a lie. Critics lavished praise on Kwan for her performance. [12] When people addressed her father after watching the film, they frequently called him "Mr. Wong", a name that severely displeased him. Meisel and she resolved to create their own scripts and films about Asian characters. Because Kwan's high school had deep connections with nearby theatre groups, Kwan was able to perform small parts in several of their productions. Kwan was inevitably dependent upon studios' choice of films and the roles offered. During Christmas of that year, Nancy Kwan visited the location and was able to participate in several pre-1964 Winter Olympics events despite having been very occupied with movies. [24] She was given the nickname "Chinese Bardot" for her unforgettable dance performance. Wondering what they were staring at, it suddenly struck her that she was the point of attraction. [43] She played a pivotal role in the film,[50] a character based on Seattle restaurateur and political leader Ruby Chow[1] who hires Bruce Lee as a dishwasher and gives him the funds to open a martial arts school. While accounts of Kwan's career often paint it as one of unrealized potential, that's only one way of looking at it. / Getty; IMDB. Looking for a slightly scary movie to watch this Halloween? [43] For the 1991 action comedy film Fast Getaway, fellow stunt performer Kenny Bates and he gripped hands and leaped off the Royal Gorge Bridge. To provide a pretext for Kwan's sudden hiatus from the touring production, Stark sent a cablegram to her superiors saying her father had become ill and had been hospitalized. [16][note 4] The film's director, Jean Negulesco, was fired and replaced by Richard Quine. [12], Owing to Kwan's perceptible Eurasian appearance, the film's make-up artists endeavored to make her look more Chinese. [58], She has appeared on television commercials even into the 1990s and appeared in "late night infomercials" as the spokesperson for the cosmetic "Oriental Pearl Cream". [65][note 14], She serves as a spokeswoman for the Asian American Voters Coalition,[1] a Pan-Asian political group established in 1986[1] to aid Asian actors. Nancy Kwan's career might not have been the sustained success she hoped for, but that's a risk for someone who breaks barriers -- the world might not be ready for such changes full-time. The reaction prompted Stark to refrain from letting her view the dailies. Her role in the film was not based on race; she is portrayed as a British girl engaged to a British boy. With an irreverent air about clothes, Tamahine, an instructor at Hallow school, is welcomed as a guest in the headmaster's dwelling. [17], Nuyen, who was in an unstable relationship with Marlon Brando, had a nervous breakdown and was fired from the role because of her erratic actions. [7][11] Her father and her stepmother raised her, in addition to her brother and five half-brothers and half-sisters. George Duning was nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Best Original Score but lost to Dimitri Tiomkin for The Alamo. Kwan said, "I hope I'm working until the day I die. Bernie was an actor, a martial artist, and a stunt performer. In a September 1960 interview with Associated Press journalist Bob Thomas, she said, "I was bitterly disappointed, and I almost quit and went home when I didn't get the picture. [9] Kwan and two other actresses, Ina Balin and Hayley Mills, were awarded the Golden Globe for the "Most Promising Newcomer–Female" in 1960. Because of its location, she was able to take dance classes at a nearby ballet school. [3] In a 1962 interview, Kwan said she "loved" the cheongsam, calling it a "national costume". Stark discovered Kwan taking refuge in her dressing room, sobbing grievously. She can be found outside walking or hiking with her son when she's not working. The film, the first major Western film with an all-Asian cast, was nominated for five Academy Awards. [15], Kwan's success in her early career was not mirrored in later years,[35] due to the cultural nature of 1960s America. San Francisco Chronicle's Patricia Holt praised Kwan's intonation in her delivery, writing that "Kwan's faint Asian accent and careful pronunciation of Vietnamese words make Hayslip's weaving of her past and present lives a riveting experience". In the 1966 Walt Disney movie Lt. Robinson Crusoe, U.S.N., starring Dick Van Dyke, she played Wednesday (a spoof of Friday from Daniel Defoe's novel), his romantic counterpart.

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