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Besides the movie, the town has a. with several famous chiefs coming from there. The other scenes set between Corleone and Bagheria, are actually filmed in the usual three municipalities, plus Acireale, a town near Etna famous for Carnival, one of the most important in Sicily; the Castle of San Marco in Calatabiano, on the beach of the same name; and the Taormina station, where Michael and Kay meet. Again, the Cathedral and Forza d’Agrò also appear later in the film when Vito returns to ‘Corleone’ as an adult. I'll assume you're okay with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. at one end, the Ionian Sea on the other and, on a clear day, the coast of Calabria in Italy’s mainland across the water. I found this … On any private Godfather tour in Sicily, you’ll learn all about how fact and fiction collide, visiting the real-life Godfather Sicily filming locations from some of the most iconic scenes in the trilogy. The church has a sculpture of Santa Caterina inside. All right reserved. It’s one of the most cinematic, critically and commercially successful, well-made film series ever. We’ve reached one of The Godfather filming locations that I’ve actually visited! Find out which cookies we are using and how to disable them in our Cookie Policy. Woohoo! But Corleone was not their original family name, Andolini was. in various colors. As opposed to Savoca, Forza D’Agro is a bit more developed, with paved streets and regular car traffic, although very sleepy. This location is also where Michael teaches Apollonia to drive by circling a well in the courtyard. I’m full-blooded Sicilian born from the noise of the Vucciria market and the gentle sound of the waves of Mondello. Michael and family drive up to the rear entrance of this stately villa (with the lion statues) situated in Palermo, which is exactly where it is supposed to be situated in the film. Other Godfather filming locations in Sicily. As Michael walks into... 2. ", "I went Released sixteen years after The Godfather Part II, the third film in the trilogy is hands-down the worst. The China Travel Guide for Everything You Need to Know! You can also do like the characters in the movie and walk back from the church to Vitelli Bar down the street, along the scenic path with panoramic views. Many Godfather tours in Messina will then continue to Forza D’Agró, another gorgeous Sicilian hilltop town with more Godfather connections. In Forza d’Agrò, the Church of Sant’Agostino is the backdrop for Michael Corleone’s first arrival in Sicily. You can find a kiosk a few meters from Bar Vitelli towards the church that sells Ape tours (similar to a rickshaw) of the hilly town, and most of the places that are open for business sell memorabilia or items tourists may need, like snacks and water. Several landmarks in the village are featured in the movie and even the locals starred as extras. In recent years, the relation between Taormina and The Godfather has transformed it into somewhat of a resort town, with film buffs flocking to the area to recollect their favourite scenes. to see the wedding Church, that you can see very little in the The white marble is from Florence but the colored ones are from Sicily which was an important quarry for the rest of Sicily. , and the staff there were the ones who suggested two small but picturesque villages in the hills near Taormina, Forza D’Agro and Savoca, instead. It is also the same church where a wedding takes place in The Godfather II when he returns to Sicily with his wife. ), he heads into a bar to enquire about who Apollonia is. to Corleone; and in GF1, the church that appears when Michael | No part of this site may be reproduced without our written permission |. The altar has a Pantocrator Christ but its origins are unclear. You’d have a Sicilian guide to do that for you! But hey, it’s still far from being a terrible film and The Godfather Part III had a lot to live up to. truly different of the Corleone we see in the movie, I understand Medieval castles, picturesque coastal villages and the scenic Sicilian countryside serve as the backdrop to many of the Godfather film scenes, making it the ideal place for movie buffs to embark on a Godfather tour of Sicily. 13 of the Best Arthouse/Independent Cinemas in Rome. Annunziata e Assunta. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Guide to Cinecittà Studio Tour & Film Museum in Rome. Never leave without travel insurance. Inside the church you can see a picture of the weddings scene from the movie and all the items used for the annual procession of Santa Lucia are on display with photographs to illustrate how they are used and explanations. It is on its staircase that the tragic end of Mary, the favorite daughter, takes place. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. On any private Godfather tour in Sicily, you’ll learn all about how fact and fiction collide, visiting the real-life Godfather Sicily filming locations from some of the most iconic scenes in the trilogy. But besides the tours and souvenirs for sale, there is little more happening in town. If you haven’t seen the films in a while, think tiny charming lanes and historic churches that are just as cinematic in real life as they are on screen. It’s a beautiful, old church with twin bells on the outside and a huge well in the courtyard. Villa Malfitano would be another location for celebration scenes for the saga.

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