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Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. We’ll occupy / your lousy leasehold Poetry”. The second part of ‘Them & [uz]’ contrasts dramatically with the first, though the seeds of it lie in the image of heroic Demosthenes and the accusatory tone of the reference to Keats which seemed a little out of place in part I. She holds an MA in Creative Writing from Newcastle University and received a Northern Writers' Award for her poetry in 2015. The passionate and confrontational situation of the opening challenge is clear enough, yet it’s striking how it has taken the autobiographical incident in part I and multiplied it (“yer buggers . Her illustrated debut Moveable Type (New Writing North) was published with support from Arts Council England and was shortlisted for Best Poetry Pamphlet in the 2020 Saboteur Awards. As the film progresses, Harrison builds a portrait of himself, his art and his beliefs in a spontaneous way, simply sitting in his writing chair. Even so, there is no let up in the clamour of voices raised in the poem. Arena: Them and Uz is essentially a long interview with Tony Harrison. We’ll occupy”) to present the wider political and cultural context as a future battlefield. After spending 2019 working with Jarvis Cocker on BE KINDER, a National Trust art project commemorating the Kinder Mass Trespass, she is now working on a collection of short stories about suburban working-class culture, allotments, karaoke competitions and all-inclusive holidays in Tenerife. The line and a half which follows, sketching Demosthenes practicing eloquence on the beach, is intriguing in that its locus as speech is hard to pin down. The true note of the master returns – interestingly, following one of Harrison’s movable stanza breaks, as if confirming a shift in voice though the speech actually continues across the break – with “We say [Λs] not [uz], T.W. you barbarian, T.W. As the title Them and Uz suggests, one of the preoccupying themes of Harrison’s poetry is class, along with the way it is expressed and evident in language. Introduction to the exploration of the manuscripts of Tony Harrison's peom "Them & [uz]", Manuscripts notes of Tony Harrison's poem 'Them & [uz]'. Anthony Wall The interview form depends on the quality of the interviewer as well as the interviewee. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. ‘Can’t have our glorious heritage done to death!’, ‘Poetry’s the speech of kings. In this case, Harrison’s desire for the dramatic has foundered momentarily on that old dramatist’s rock, the necessity for exposition which compromises the integrity of the speaking voice. Jean Genet (also directed by Nigel Williams), Orson Welles and Phil Spector similarly gave themselves up to the peculiar and acute scrutiny of an extended face-to-face conversation. Of course, the interviews are always enriched by relevant archive or film of the artist’s location, but these other elements are for the benefit of illustration and contextualisation. Thank you anyway. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. It’s an unusual form for Arena. The very title of the pair of sonnets, ‘Them & [uz]’, seems to promise conflict, at best dialogue, and it opens with what could be taken as the howl of inarticulacy. ‘Them and [uz]’ - listen to Harrison read this poem here. Trace the development of Tony Harrison's poem 'Them & [uz]' through the series of evolving drafts contained in the pages of one of his notebooks. Them and [uz] Tony Harrison. Listen to Arena Editor Anthony Wall in conversation with Lucy Hannah, about the making of Them and UZ. The following discussion of another extraordinary Tony Harrison poem originally appeared in book form in Tony Harrison: Loiner (Clarendon Press, 1997), edited by Sandie Byrne. The following lines contain a curious wavering in the clear interplay of dramatic voices, only part of which is resolved as the poem proceeds. His latest book, Kumukanda (Chatto & Windus, 2017) won the 2018 International Dylan Thomas Prize and a Somerset Maugham Award. Review by Abbie Longmate A writer conflicted between the brink of two social classes and their respective accents, Tony Harrison’s work explores the combination of cultures he experienced with his education and domestic life. Jo holds a practice-led PhD in Creative Writing from Newcastle University and was awarded an inaugural AHRC Northern Bridge scholarship. Read about the drafting of this poem – in the Tony Harrison Archive at Leeds University. In his poems he moves from standard English to his original accent and back, with occasional allusions to Classical history — as well as a poet, he studied Classics at Leeds University and became a leading Classical authority. In 2019 the work-in-progress won a TLC (The Literary Consultancy) Northern Writers’ Award, and an excerpt was published in Kit de Waal’s Common People anthology. “So right, yer buggers, then! Last week I posted on Tony Harrison’s ‘A Cold Coming’. Jodie is the winner of the 2020 Sid Chaplin Northern Writers Award and is currently Artist-in-Residence at Durham University. Not the master, nor any spokesman for RP is allowed a direct voice, yet the interchange of speech and implied situation can still be found to ensure a dramatic quality to the verse. This is reinforced by the more distant comparison of the boy to the ancient Greek of the opening lines, heroically “outshouting seas”, while the young Harrison’s mouth is “all stuffed with glottals, great / lumps to hawk up and spit out”. "She lives the poetry she cannot write" - Wilde, publishers of fiction, poetry & photography, 'She would say to discover / the true depth of a well, / drop a stone, / start counting.' He founded The Midnight Run (an arts-filled, night-time, urban walking experience), The Rhythm and Poetry Party (The R.A.P Party) which celebrates poetry and hip hop, and Poetry + Film / Hack (P+F/H) which celebrates poetry and film. » English 1900g: Introduction to English Language and Literature (Spring 2017) dpod blog, The Month of the Drowned Dog: Ted Hughes’ ‘November’, The Meaning of Robert Frost’s ‘The Figure a Poem Makes’, Lorca's Gypsy Ballad 'Reyerta' - a new translation, Making Sense of Shelley’s ‘The Mask of Anarchy’ #1, Louise Gluck's Poetry: Whole But Not Final, Lorca's 'Sleepwalking Ballad' - a new translation, Louise Gluck’s Poetry: Whole But Not Final, How Poems Slowly Get Written – from haiku to abecedary, Angele Paoli – Opening song trans. Them and [uz] Lyrics. The film’s most acute quality is the easy way that Harrison moves simply from the conversation to the reading of the poems themselves, so that the man and his work are there to see and hear, pure and clear. He was part of the Complete Works poetry programme. In 2011, after 15 years as a guitarist and lyricist in various rock and roll bands, he began learning to write prose. As a producer for the BBC, Grant wrote and directed several radio drama documentaries including African Man of Letters: The Life of Ignatius Sancho and A Fountain of Tears: The Murder of Federico Garcia Lorca. She is Managing Editor and Creative Director of Butcher’s Dog poetry magazine. His books include: Negro with a Hat: The Rise and Fall of Marcus Garvey and a group biography of the Wailers, I&I, The Natural Mystics. It is perhaps intended at this stage (apart from introducing the poems’ central issue) to hover in an Olympian fashion above the ruck of dialogue that follows, implying the heroic stance which will be taken up in the second sonnet. Image and transcription of one page of Tony Harrison's notebook drafts for 'Them & [UZ]'. Harrison nurtures his roots in Leeds and Yorkshire; he draws on them as he examines issues of aspiration, social mobility and regional identity through the prism of his own story. It was commissioned for the 2019 Durham Book Festival. Shaun Wilson was born in 1980 and raised in Wigton, Cumbria. His poetry books include Thirteen Fairy Negro Tales and Candy Coated Unicorn and Converse (Flipped Eye) and The Wire-Headed Heathen (Akashic Books). This conception of poetry as speech is a powerful constituent in Harrison’s work and perhaps one not clearly understood. The following discussion of another extraordinary Tony Harrison poem originally appeared in book form in Tony Harrison: Loiner (Clarendon Press, 1997), edited by Sandie Byrne. Watch acclaimed poet Denga Stone, poet and playwright Inua Ellams, Jodie Russian-Red, the Hull-based writer and artist, and Shaun Wilson, musician and upcoming author, respond to the Arena film. Degna Stone is a poet and poetry editor based in Tyne and Wear. I always try to be as clear and plain language as I can. The reader is further drawn into the drama of the situation by this momentary uncertainty: RIP RP, RIP T.W. His memoir of growing up in a Caribbean family in 1970s Luton, Bageye at the Wheel, was shortlisted for the 2013 PEN Ackerley Prize. […]. Following New Writing North’s 2019 Talent Party, Shaun signed up with Susan Smith at MBA Agents. Immediately, the reader is plunged into the unresolved drama of two differing voices, instantly implying the two cultures of the sonnets’ title. It is this slippery elision of voice and situation which creates the undoubted excitement of these and many of Harrison’s poems as they try to draw the rapidity and short-hand nature of real speech, its miniature dramas and dramatisations into lyric poetry. Outlandish (New Writing North) is a collaborative walking, writing and drawing book co-authored with Damian Le Bas and illustrated by W John Hewitt. Tony Harrison: Them and Uz. Grant’s history of epilepsy, A Smell of Burning, was a Sunday Times Book of the Year in 2016. Listen to and read specially commissioned poems from two well-known poets from the region, inspired by the Them and Uz film. The example of nice speaking given (again in direct quotes in the following line) is the master’s claim to possession, to authority in matters of language and culture and the separated-off reply of the narrator – “I played the Drunken Porter in Macbeth – with its full rhyme and sudden regular iambic pentameter, implies both a causal link between the two lines, painting Harrison as dispossessed specifically by the master’s attitudes, as well as conveying the tone of resignation in the young schoolboy. !’ That shut my trap. I smiled this afternoon.

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