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The Flag Of London Is Very Similar. Saint George was a patron saint of England who actually served as a soldier of the Roman Emperor, Diocletian. The Flag of the city of London. For example, in 1823 a National Colonial Flag displayed four white eight-pointed stars on…, …a blue field with the Union Jack in the canton and four stars, forming the Southern Cross constellation, at the fly end. For instance, it appears in the upper left corner of a blue field on the government ensign of the United Kingdom. The flag of the city of Genoa Or how about this floral version of the Union Jack made from different pieces of material and ribbons? Be on the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your inbox. This means that it should be twice as wide as it is tall. Updates? It combines the flags of England, Scotland and Ireland to make the one flag to represent the United Kingdom. Source:, Genoa is a city in Italy. Additionally, the flag of Guernsey bears the norman cross within St. George Cross. The flag of Scotland known as St Andrew's cross or the Saltire. At sports, all these countries are represented by their separate flags. The only difference between the two flags is that the flag of London has a red sword in its upper left canton. It is part of the flags of such Commonwealth nations as Australia, New Zealand, and Tuvalu, as well as of the U.S. state of Hawaii, the Australian states (New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, and Western Australia), and three Canadian provinces (British Columbia, Manitoba, and Ontario). The English flag is taken from the St. George Cross which is associated with St. George who was a soldier to Roman Emperor, Diocletian. So we started making web pages that can be used in lessons that were accessed through the tablet's browser. It is a battle flag of England. The flag of the UK is officially called the Union Flag or the Union Jack. It is called the Union Jack or the Union flag. A group of teachers with one thing in common - we all have a passion for the subject of Geography. It combines the flags of England, Scotland and Ireland to make the one flag to represent the United Kingdom. There Is Always A Flag Flying Over Buckingham Palace. – … ​Got any ideas that you would like to see us include or have you got any suggestions on topics that you would like us to find resources for? It has been in use since 1801. Source:, Image: Wikipedia, The north Italian cities like Bologna and Milan also use this flag. However, when the queen is not there the Union Flag (Union Jack) will be flown instead. The national flag of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, The flags that are joined together to make the Union Jack. The flag of Wales, whilst well known throughout the UK, is a relatively new flag having been in use since 1959. The flag of the UK is officially called the Union Flag or the Union Jack. Source: Wikipedia, Image: Wikimedia, The St. George Cross represents England at sports. In order to incorporate the Cross of St. Patrick (a red diagonal cross on white) while preserving the individual entities of the three crosses, the heraldic advisers to the sovereign found an elegant solution. Omissions? The Union Jack only represents the union of England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Source: The earliest form of the flag of Great Britain, developed in 1606 and used during the reigns of James I (1603–25) and Charles I (1625–49), displayed the red cross of England superimposed on the white cross of Scotland, with the blue field of the latter. 12 pictures and 2 banners for use in class displays. The flag of the city of London and the flag of England is almost the same. We wanted our pupils to use their tablet PCs in our geography lessons but we found there was a shortage of good resources to use with them. Can there be a planet just... 8 Interesting Facts About The Flag Of England, Source:, Image: Wikipedia, Source:, Image: Wikipedia, 17 Interesting Facts About Mary, Queen Of Scots, 10 Interesting Facts About Tate Modern London, 16 Interesting Facts About Queen Elizabeth I, 10 Interesting Facts About The Flag Of Scotland, 15 Interesting Facts About Eleanor Of Aquitaine, 38 Amazing Facts About Geisha You Can’t Miss, 13 Interesting Facts About The French Flag, 13 Interesting Facts About The Italian Flag, 13 Interesting Facts About The German Flag, 17 Interesting Facts About The American Flag, 20 Interesting Facts About Reese Witherspoon, 12 Interesting Facts About Metropolitan Museum Of Art, New York City. During the Commonwealth and Protectorate period (1649–60), the Irish harp was incorporated in the flag, but it resumed its original form on the Restoration of Charles II in 1660. The Union Jack is the most important of all British flags and is flown by representatives of the United Kingdom all the world over. Then please contact us with your suggestions and comments so that we can improve our website further. It became the official flag of the UK in 1801 when King George III made a royal proclamation. It became the official flag of the UK in 1801 when King George III made a royal proclamation.

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