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Byron Kaldis, “Philosophy and/of the Theatre,” in Anna Lazou and Georgios Patios, McPherran, Mark L. “Socrates, Crito, and Their Debt to Asclepius,”, http://www.rivetingriffs.com/Socrates%20On%20Trial.html, On the Concept of Irony with Continual Reference to Socrates, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Socrates_on_Trial&oldid=924110883, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 1 November 2019, at 21:41. Xenophon fights on the side of the Lacedaemonians against Athens. Juries of several hundred, or even several thousand, were not uncommon. Alcibiades at first agrees to return to Athens, but then escapes to Sparta where he proposes to help them defeat the Athenians. Socrates was an ancient Greek philosopher considered to be the main source of Western thought. Socrates refuses, saying that to do so would further corrupt the young, something he swore to the jury he would never do. “I decided not to play him in the next game because his warm-up had consisted of drinking two bottles of Budweiser and three cigarettes which we had in the changing rooms,” Clifford told BBC Radio 5 Live. ‘We had chances, but I’m happy with the point' External Link, The Scout on new Fantasy Premier League players, Unai Emery leads first Arsenal training session Profound ethical questions surrounding the justness or unjustness of executing democratic dissenters are unambiguously raised. Even so, the Athenians have been lucky to have had him raising questions about what they think they know, and about the nature of justice. The act opens with Strepsiades, an Athenian businessman, worried about his lazy son Pheidippides. Socrates participates in a battle against a defecting colony (Potidaea). [13] Socrates' connection to Alcibiades is similarly controversial, even though many of the details of Alcibiades's flamboyant life are well known. [6] During Socrates’ day, juries were much larger than they are today. Some commentators have understood these words to mean that Socrates’ last concern, as he was preparing to enter the afterlife, was with the health of his soul. While at the school, the young man is encouraged to consider both sides of every argument. Music was provided by Christos Pantas. Finding an answer to the mystery of the trial of Socrates is complicated by the fact that the two surviving accounts of the defense (or apology) of Socrates both come from disciples of his, Plato and Xenophon. The play takes place in three acts spread over a quarter century. [12], Also on people's minds could have been the relationships Socrates had to several of Athens' most famous wartime traitors, including Critias and Alcibiades. A terrifying plague begins in Athens. The earliest recorded non-Platonic and non-Xenophonic reference to the trial of Socrates is made by Aeschines in a prosecution. The first workshop production of the play was mounted in Vancouver in 2006 by Vital Spark Theatre with Stephen Wexler playing the role of Socrates. The opera was premiered in Birmingham on May 8, 2012. Costumes and masks were by Katerina Mpillinis. This one, in which young men associated with Socrates play a prominent role, is beat back. Latest Player News. In it, Aeschines said the jury "put Socrates, the sophist, to death...because he was shown to have been the teacher of Critias, one of the Thirty who put down democracy.". On September 25, 2015, the play had its European premiere in Athens at the Alkmini Theatre under the direction of Anna Lazou. At the end of the act they are also given the job of voting to determine Socrates’ guilt or innocence. It tells the story of how Socrates was put on trial for corrupting the youth of Athens and for failing to honour the city's gods. In Act Two they are encouraged join the actors in heckling Socrates. Scholars suggest that this is the earliest possible date he could have written his. [7] Large juries were thought to make it more difficult for jurors to be bribed. Pericles rises to prominence as a leading statesmen of Athens. Fantasy Premier League Gameweek 23 Dream Team: Defenders dominate. The newly rebuilt Athenian fleet defeats Spartan forces off the island of Lesbos, but the crews of twenty five ships drown in a storm. Socrates criticizes the decision to put the convicted generals to death, but they are executed anyway. [16] Originally two votes were taken: the first to determine Socrates’ guilt or innocence, the second to choose between proposed penalties after he was found guilty. Alcibiades, Socrates's favorite Athenian politician, is a prime mover in the overthrow of democracy in Athens. However, Aristophanes’ the Clouds begged to differ. He is convicted on a 280-220 by a 500-person jury of freemen, then sentenced to death by hemlock by a larger margin. Socrates is charged with "corrupting the youth" of Athens and "not believing in the gods the state believes in, but in other new spiritual beings." The play contains adaptations of several classic Greek works: the slapstick comedy, Clouds, written by Aristophanes and first performed in 423 BCE; the dramatic monologue, Apology, written by Plato to record the defence speech Socrates gave at his trial; and Plato's Crito and Phaedo, two dialogues describing the events leading to Socrates’ execution in 399 BCE. [18], In the words of reviewer Maya Alapin, “The play is refreshingly illuminating on the relationship between Socrates’ execution and the lasting influence of Aristophanes’ negative depiction of him on the evolution of the Athenian psyche. The political structure of Athens is in ruin. In the judgment of one reviewer, the play succeeds in presenting Socrates both as Plato's wise mentor and as the “pompous, arrogant and often petulant” teacher presented by Aristophanes,[2] giving modern audiences a greater appreciation of why Socrates eventually ended up being sentenced to death. Cleon becomes leader of the democratic party. All three productions were directed by Joan Bryans. The translation into Greek was done by Giannis Spyridis. Socrates remains silent about this barbarism, perhaps because Alcibiades supported it. When Melos surrenders, Athenian forces nonetheless kill all the men, enslave the women and children, and open the island to settlement by Athenians. Alcibiades is exiled. External Link, What’s the latest on Hector Bellerin? His commitment to obeying the laws is also emphasized, as is his persistent questioning of the general Athenian standard of moral education. Athenian forces besiege Melos. 394 B.C.E. All three have given their speeches and Socrates is now required to defend himself in front of the jury. Socrates and four others are ordered to arrest Leon of Salamis, a democrat. Socrates was baffled by this news as he found it very hard to believe that he was the wisest man. There is no doubt that the play is engaging, funny, insightful, and true to central Socratic positions and that it will appeal to a modern audience, particularly to students. Plato’s Apology and Symposium both claim that Socrates did not accept money or any other payment in kind for his tutoring works. Criminal Procedure in Ancient Greece and the Trial of Socrates, Links & Bibliography for the Trial of Socrates. Emperor Justian closes the Platonic academy and other schools of philosophy in Athens, ending a twelve-hundred year period of relative free thought. In the judgment of another reviewer, the play is “a worthy analogue of an ancient masterpiece.”[3]. To fulfill the order of execution, Socrates is required to drink a cup of hemlock, a type of poison. “Thirty Year Peace” is signed between Sparta and Athens. For the events on which the play is based, see. Act Two takes place twenty-four years later. Following the war, he became a leading member of the ruthless oligarchic regime the Spartans installed in Athens for eight months in 404-403, the Thirty Tyrants. He is convicted on a 280-220 by a 500-person jury of freemen, then sentenced to death by hemlock by a larger margin. External Link, 'Everything is special, it's a beautiful moment' The result is a “mind blowing, portrayal of debauchery and irreverence”[4] in which, rather than being educated, Pheidippides ends up being further corrupted by Socrates and his school. The play was originally published in 2008 by the University of Toronto Press. "[19], This article is about the 2007 play. The title role was played by Demophilus-Vias Mpillinis and Thanassis Nakos. In Socrates’ jail cell, Socrates’ best friend, Crito, and Socrates’ wife, Xanthippe, take turns trying to convince the condemned man that he should escape, something that might easily be arranged. For the Brazilian footballer, see Sócrates. Although some modern authors see this connection as a possible indication of Socrates' sympathy for the anti-democratic Spartans, this claim is hard to reconcile with the fact that it was the Thirty Tyrants who passed a law forbidding Socrates from speaking to any man under thirty, fearing his influence over the young. In large theatres, directors may choose to restrict the size of the jury. However, given the large size of Athenian juries, it is more realistic to use larger rather than smaller portions of the audience for this purpose. The plague seems also to have had a devastating effect on morals. Repeatedly he tells the jury that he has never run a school or worked as a teacher. Alcibiades and Socrates fought together during the siege of Potidaea and again at the Battle of Delium, prior to Alcibiades' election to the post of Strategos (or General) and his eventual defection to Sparta.

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