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Have you experienced any trouble with your wordpress site which could not be undone anymore? But don’t worry, there is a free plugin called, Best WP Fastest Cache Settings With CDNs 2020 (Tutorial). Another thing is you can increase the number of page that wp fastest cache will preload. Lastly, before setting up and configuring wp fastest cache Are you not backing up your wordpress website? "@type" : "ImageObject", If you want to upgrade to the premium plan then you can upgrade from this Premium Tab. Combine CSS: Enable this. Then head over to the wp fastest cache plugin The rest of the menus of wp fastest cache … configure wp fastest cache on your wordpress site in order to make it load You don't need to install 4-5 extra plugins. Last Updated On December 9, 2018 By Christina. So, if you are using a free version of WP Fastest Cache then you can use WP Smush or Short Pixel plugin for image optimization. So, if you are using a free version of WP Fastest Cache then you can use, Cloudflare has both free and paid plans to choose from. Preload – Most of us are using shared web hosting. You can also check out their official blog post for more info. Yes. Mobile Theme (Premium Feature): Check this box. Your email address will not be published. WP Fastest Cache Settings With CDNs (2020) In this post, we are going to show you how can you configure WP Fastest Cache plugin on your WordPress blog and improve your website caching and speed! By giving your website images with meaningful file names, you help major search engines find your site easily. Check all the boxes there except for the one that stands for “RESTART AFTER COMPLETED”. "image" : { However, purchasing products or services via affiliate links doesn't cost any extra. Mobile: Enable this option. plugin settings. The plugin will also help you to minify site files, minify HTML, CSS and more. It doesn’t come with the free version plugin. Required fields are marked *. WP fastest cache plugin is compatible with Cloudflare. We are adding fresh contents daily! Never miss our updates! So, I will suggest going with WP Rocket. " It will consume much of your hosting resources. It is not available for the free version theme. WP Rocket has some additional options for speed optimization then WP fastest cache. A guy blogging for the last 3 years, I am a guy who loves to write about SEO, social media and affiliate marketing. Check out  WP Engine and Kinsta. Does WP Fastest Cache Plugin is compatible With Cloudflare? And the most important wordpress plugins of all that can Thank you to the translators for their contributions. The plugin’s options are bundled together on a single page, segmented into eight tabs. Minify CSS Plus (Premium): This option is available only for Premium users & will minify CSS files even more. These options will give you a more improved score. So, I hope you "text": "Yes. Choose plugins based on their rating, reviews and etc. This means it will load fast serving a cache version of the page even if it is the first-time visitor visits to your wordpress site. { Cache plugin have lots of settings. WPreformer uses affiliate links. You can easily configure this plugin and link your CDN. "@type": "Question", WP Fastest Cache plugin is an awesome WordPress plugin for speeding up the website by serving cached files. And that’s all there is to it about properly and correctly setting up wp fastest cache plugin on your wordpress website with the right configuration. Apply all the recommended WP fastest cache plugin settings 2020 to improve your WordPress website speed. Combining CSS files will reduce the HTTP request which will improve your WordPress website speed. You don't need to install 4-5 extra plugins. A passionate blogger and the one who is willing to pursue success in every endeavor I do. , "contentUrl" : "https://www.digirockstar.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/best-wp-fastest-cache-settings.jpg" Under CDN option, you can add your CDN credencial if you are using paid CDN services or you can add your cloudflare CDN credentials if you are using one. Optimized images will help you to save disk space, bandwidth and will serve faster to your website visitors. Christina is led by Sreehari. After installing it, activate the plugin. The plan starts at $49.99. There are so many free popular speed test websites that can admin dashboard by clicking the new wp fastest cache menu option found at the Quickly Rename Existing Media Files in WordPress. Logged – In – Users: Enable this only if you are using the site. Disable Emojis – Reduce HTTP requests, improve speed. There are so many WordPress hosting companies out there. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. In this article, I will share about how you can speed up your wordrpess site using a very lightweight wordpress plugin so that it will load faster than before. this. Non-Cloudflare Free CDN. Minify HTML: Check this box. An avid cricket fan, die-hard fan of Silicon valley the series. You can easily link your Cloudflare account. faster. In this post, we are going to show you the ideal setup of WP Fastest Cache plugin. , This plugin also has an option to link you CDN like, Image Optimization is a Premium feature. All rights reserved, Using Cache plugins you can easily speed up your WordPress website. So, if you don’t want to spend money then you can set up your CDN using a Free plan. But WP Super Cache is still a great choice especially because… it’s free. So here But if you don’t want to pay every year, then you can buy WP fastest cache premium version. Cache System: Enable If you leave this unchecked and your wordpress site is enabled to show latest posts in sidebars or in homepage, then sometimes you will see that the new post you added will not show up right away in the homepage or in the sidebars of your site even though the link is already live.

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