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People know me so why don’t people know you? 8. the consumer has got to dance. A Nation ruled by The Spirit will live. Well, when I reflect, I like to do it to music. waltz with Truth, It was Reality turn to Tango with After spending more than a decade in unsuccessful efforts with major labels, rapper Michael Franti now records on his own Boo Boo Wax imprint. Perhaps Strummer¹s background gave him a unique insight into the waves of change that were about to be unleashed on the world, or maybe he just had a good instinct for getting to the right place at the right time. It is an insult to our creative ability. are in tune with and overstand the need for a change in the current capitalist ventures. In this quest for peace, we shouldn’t depend solely on the media for information about hip-hop culture, since there have been many cases where the media has helped to promote division and corruption within the culture. —————————————-. peep the websites, HIP HOP “TRUE SCHOOL” WANDA DEE + ERIC FLOYD. people were their own worst enemies. The N word was practically resurrected to a new status. I will not! Black Noise, just returned from a 2 month Swedish tour with news that they have signed a recording deal with Swedish Record Label, Integral Music Group. NRK Radio – Norway After the first few videos had been played by Extra Touch, new bands were queuing up each day for auditionings. When Public Enemy released a record, we had to think 7 continents. Additionally, Powell is considered one of the leading voices in the Hip-Hop community, due to his articles, essays, and reviews, which have appeared in publications such as Newsweek, The Source, Rolling Stone, Essence, and Vibe, where Powell was a founding staff member and served for many years as a senior writer. DJ Lord Ron has produced tracks for numerous Hip Hop artists such as Lord G (formerly of Militia) and Geographic Empire, just to name a few. One of the differences between islamic nations and western democracies is the question who has to lead the country: the politician or the imam? Scape One is right. ALL WHO STAND ON THE SIDE OF THE SUPREME FORCE, WHO IS CALLED BY MANY NAMES, STOP BEING SCARED, STAND UP AND RAISE YOUR VOICE AND THEN GET TO WORK TO EXPOSE THESE DAMN RECORD LABELS, RADIO STATIONS,TV HIP HOP SHOWS OR WHATEVER SHOWS THAT SHOWS US IN A BS VISION OF JUST BEING PIMPS, PLAYAS , GANGSTERS AND HOES, STRAIGHT UP NIGGERS, WIGGERS, OR ANY OTHER DEROGATORY WORDS THAT THEY USE AND WE USE TO CALL OURSELVES. Until next time, Stay up, Stay strong, Keep the Faith & Increase the Love.. Here is a list of 10 Caribbean people who have made significant contributions to Hip Hop culture. Why have mainstream media’s political pundits given Russell Simmons an open mic? To compound this political indifference, we are being bombarded with military recruitment campaigns ranging from advertisement on websites like SOHH.com and Blackplanet.com, video games, and youth publications like Urban Latino and The Source. Campbell and several other men told The News last week that they were sexually abused by Bambaataa, the South Bronx hip-hop pioneer whose 1982 hit "Planet Rock" helped turn rap music into an international phenomenon. They have come to embrace and preserve Hip Hop’s key elements and have exemplified what is often considered Hip Hop’s 5th Element-‘Knowledge‘. www.futureflavasonline.com, **Underground Railroad with Jay Smooth, He is the first Hip Hop dance instructor to be employed at N.Y.U.’s Things have gotten so bad that even one of the most famous rap stars was quoted as saying that he was scared of his Black fans. Her appearance in this video displays her unity not with the women branded “pigeons,” but with the men who label them. The 1st NATIONAL TELEVISED hiphop concert, was produced and created by HIPHOP PIONEER VANSILK. not the way of a Divine people. He’s a guest on Charlie Rose; he’s become a constant feature in Shun him. You will hear the music and eventually feel it. “But music does reflect life and kids look up to what you’re portraying and mimic what you act like. The rest of the world looks to Black people in the US. It can’t be acclaimed and proclaimed as great or acceptable simply because it may have introduced people to an/the underground subculture or that there isn’t anything like it. Then Jesse would jump in screaming “Keep Light Bulbs Alive” and “I am somebody, I am a light bulb changer” while stuffing his pockets with unmarked stacks of 100 dollar bills…….ad nauseum………… That’s the only thing important, when the industry find out that you are a fraud, Like your man ANDRE HARELL then we all can live in peace. Right now in New York City, and Miami, they have a Hip-Hop task force that follows around leaders in the Hip-Hop community and high-profile rappers. The program tracks and makes copies of all of an ISP¹s traffic irrelevant content. When Jam Master Jay, the well-respected, peace-making DJ of rap group Run-D.M.C., was murdered in October, police and federal investigators intensified their surveillance of rappers while talking heads and tabloids like the New York Post decried the music’s, and this generation’s, supposed propensity for violence and lawlessness. I don’t do that. “Yeah this attorney contacted my attorney and said I would have to take the ‘Hip Hop’ out of Hip Hop Slam or pay a fee if I want to continue doing business. So Andre, you need to get out there like a man and apologize to a whole race of people, and then you will come back stronger and more beloved and more beautiful, and with more of a shine than you could ever imagine that you could ever have from record sales or anything else. Leslie Santiago, a 16-year-old poet with Youth Speaks and student at MetWest High School in Oakland, says she is concerned that the way corporate rap radio portrays youths perpetuates stereotypes. it nowadays. Nobody cared about the Queens, Compton, or Vallejo until MC Shan, Eazy E, and E-40 told the world stories about where they came from. We must hold these companies accountable. “If you’re playing 50 Cent we want to hear Common Sense; if you play Missy Elliott we want to hear Sonic Force; if you play Sean Paul we want to hear Bob Marley,” said Bambaataa, referring to the recycled playlists on radio and television. In the two decades since “The Message,” hip-hop performers have churned out Ms. Dee opened her performance with an old school Hip Hop/Dance remake track of the Jimmy Bo Horne classic; “DANCE ACROSS THE FLOOR. Cedric Muhammad: For lack of a better expression, Brother, I was ‘blown away’ by the impact that I saw, of the power of your presentation, as it affected the young people at Lord Sterling School, in New Brunswick, New Jersey. He has attracted a bilingual audience with his heavy hitting English and Spanglish lyrics. Such a vision is reserved for those who truly care for the further development of Hiphop—the culture. This is not just going to happen on its own it is going to take a movement. What has changed in urban radio from the Frankie Crocker, Greg Mack era to now? But the gains of the civil rights and Black Power movements of the 1960s were being rolled back. It’s obvious that if these are the winning terms for our creativity, black women are ultimately the losers. They were acknowledged as some of the most trustworthy people of their time. He explained that many artists who claim to have label deals only have logo deals. By the 1990s a series of laws allowing for media consolidation placed much of what we hear or see into the hands of fewer owners. Or to tell impressionable black kids, who’d find every door open to them if I wanted to be Jam Master Jay. University for a while, but he’s proven he can gang-bang with the worst. I am not happy with some things. They were downloaded 11,000 times. parts of the metropolitan New York City area. Damn it, if you are dancing and singing, or playing or joking, tell that joke like it is the last one you will ever tell. In the little community where I-Man lived, the StreetFreakCrew (They actually based themselves on the RSCrew) were the crew to beat and everybody that danced in our neighbourhood just wanted to belong to SFCrew. They have now become dictating forces for sole purpose getting our dollars. Led by Public Enemy, rappers like Paris, Ice-T, X-Clan, Poor Righteous Teachers and Brand Nubian displayed the Black Panther Party’s media savvy and the Minister Louis Farrakhan’s nationalist rage. Bowing to an intense lobbying campaign that spent tens of millions of dollars – and held out the promise of hefty campaign contributions for those members who did the bidding of interested firms – the House voted 321 to 101 for the disingenuously-named Communications Opportunity, Promotion and Enhancement Act (COPE). Although C. Delores Tucker denounced rap misogyny, many hip-hop feminists felt her 1995 crusade against gangsta rap was a generational attack. I thought, damn I can think of a bunch of questions I’d like to ask Kanye my damn self like; What was the Chi-town hip hop scene like when you were coming up? Goodie Mob once asked the musical question, “Who¹s that peeking in my window?” And they answered, saying it loud, “Pow! subcultures” – just one of countless fawning treatises on rap published in They mean that, being an experienced elder (or cultural icon) means nothing if you have not sold a million of something for your employer. Step #2: Select your payment preference. He broke it down and explained that the young people who grow up admiring these artists will strive to emulate the negative images that are being heavily promoted. As many will be celebrating the birth of the Messiah, we must also see a rebirth of the pride of Afrikan people this year. But if you are going to be a man in the house, you have to act like a man, you have to protect those women, educate those women, and help be the barrier or buffer for those women in between anything negative that is coming toward them, and you are to draw those things that are positive toward them. Hip-Hop.ru Russia Yes, hip hop music is more dominant today, but what about the quality of talent? Everybody, in response, was mumbling and jumbling, and the more they mumbled and jumbled the angrier Kevin Powell got, until it got to the point where Kevin said well, forget it, if he’s (Ernie Paniccioli) not in the show we aren’t having a show.

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