HCFWI Spring Council Meeting – 22nd March 2016

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HCFWI Spring Council Meeting

Tuesday 22 March 2016, Portsmouth Guildhall

Mandy Hickson, our morning Speaker could fly before she could drive.  She was the only female pilot on the front line Tornado Squadron.  During her time in the RAF she operated in a number of hostile environments including patrolling the ‘non-fly zone’ over Iraq.  She will tell you about the dangers and rewards with humour, with imagination, a really inspirational speaker with a stunning career.

Our Afternoon Speaker, Lucy Worsley is well known for her TV appearances on Royal Palaces and their history and treasures.  You may have seen her at the Royal Albert Hall talking about the WI in its Centenary year or on the TV programme, Cake Bakers and Trouble Makers.

lucy worsley